European Solidarity Force

The European Solidarity Force is a new program sponsored by the European Union for 18-30 year old. So far, the program decision has been made for 2018-2020.

What are the benefits of participating in a solidarity force?

  • opportunity to take action for something important to you, either abroad or in your own country
  • working life skills, international skills, language skills, self-confidence and courage to cope with new situations – an interesting addition to your CV and better job opportunities
  • new experiences, international networks and opportunities to expand one’s worldview

Who can participate in the European Solidarity Force?

The European Solidarity Force is open to all young people between the ages of 18 and 30. There are no requirements for participation, education, work experience or language skills. Young people with barriers to participation, such as long-term illness or disability, receive special support for their participation.

How do you get involved in the Solidarity Force?

The solidarity force is related with European Youth Portal. After joining, you can apply for places of your interest, organizations that offer volunteering, job placement and internships from where they can contact you. You can register at the age of 17.

Those who are interested in volunteering should also look for a support organization in their country of residence. A support organization can help you find the place of your wish. You can find support organizations in this database.  Youth Center Villa Elba  in Ostrobothnia offers information and advice on international issues!

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