Nuorten tieto-ja neuvontapalvelu

Everyman’s rights

Finland has unique right concerned for everybody. Everybody in Finland has right to get opportunity to use nature free of charge and without individual permission, regardless whoever owns the area. You are allowed to walk, ski, horse riding or cycling freely in the nature. Make sure you do not damage the meadows and plants and you are not allowed to cut any plants or bushes. (Source:


 Everyman’s Rights in a Nutshell:

You can

  • walk around, do skiing or cycling in areas other than the yard and in designated areas ( for example not where there is harvest and vegetables growing)
  • stay temporarily in areas where mobility is permitted (you can use tent far away from residential area)
  • pick wild berries, mushrooms and flowers
  • use fishing rods and ice fishing
  • Go around water and ice

You cannot

  • harm others or the environment
  • harm the birds and disturb their nesting
  • cut or damage trees
  • take plants, soil and minerals home
  • disturb the home of people and animals
  • throw trashes and garbage
  • drive a motor vehicle off-road without permission from the landowner
  • fishing and hunting without appropriate permits


Everybody’s Rights: