Support by Kela

You can get help from Kela for living expenses. Eligibility depends on, among other things, the number of people living in the house, their income, expenses, property and the size of the house and other things. Low-income, unemployed, pensioners, students and consular spouses and children are eligible for housing allowance or supplement. Visit Kela’s website for more information about the support.

Once you have been accepted into an educational institution and you plan to study full-time, you will be eligible for study aid. Financial support for studies guarantees everyone access to education, regardless of family background or wealth. It is worth noting that changes have been made to student grants since 01.08.2017. Check Kela’s website for more information about study grants.

A full-time student is usually entitled to a study grant, housing allowance and a government-guaranteed student loan. Adults at work may, for example, apply for adult education support. Studying is also supported by many foundations and organizations through grants and scholarships. Unemployed people may, under certain conditions, study for labor market support. Contact your local TE office for more information on this option.

As an unemployed person, it is a good idea to find out quickly what benefits you are entitled to. Unemployment benefit is applied for immediately after registering as a jobseeker with the Employment and Economic Development Office. Support items include labor market subsidy, basic allowance and earnings-related unemployment allowance. Kela helps to find out what kind of support the unemployed is entitled to.