Nuorten tieto-ja neuvontapalvelu


Intoxicants can temporarily enhance your mood and gives you pleasure, but they also have their downside, they are addictive!

Intoxicants can be divided into two groups: legal and illegal drugs. Legal intoxicants are for example, alcohol and tobacco. Legitimacy does not make the substance harmless, they are equally harmful. Consumption of tobacco and alcohol can also develop into a serious addiction. It causes health problem and financial situation gets worsen day by day. So, it is very good idea to stay away from any kinds of intoxicants.

Addiction can also arise from gaming. It is easily available nowadays via internet. Gaming leads to loss of money, social life and it causes health problem as well. It is wise to seek help if you feel like it is difficult to come out of gaming world.

Drugs and addiction affects not only one’s life but also the loved ones. Even though one person is into drug addiction, it affects his/ her family and their social life. It is good idea to avoid intoxicants and live a healthy lifestyle. It will save your money and keeps your mind and body healthy.