Nuorten tieto-ja neuvontapalvelu

Support and crisis services

On this page you will find nationwide contact information for support and crisis services.

Crisis and emergency phones

  • Telephone for children and young people

Children and adolescents can ask or discuss confidentially any questions they may have on the phone. Adults on the phone are required to remain confidential.

Tel. 116 111

Open: Mon-Fri 2 pm-8pm, Sat-Sun 5 pm-8pm


  • Boys Phone

The Demographic Boys Phone is a helpline phone service for boys and young men under the age of 20. The phone is answered by an adult, professionally knowledgeable in the boys’ world. The call is free to the caller and the call can be made completely anonymously.

Swedish-language telephone service is always available on Tuesdays from 3.30 pm to 6 pm and Thursdays from 1 pm to 3.30 pm

Tel. 0800-94884

Open Mon-Thu 13:00 to 18:00

Boys Phone Chat is open every weekday from 13:00 to 15:00


  • National Crisis Phone

Are you or have your loved ones experienced a shocking event or a difficult life situation? The Crisis Phone, maintained by the Finnish Mental Health Association, provides discussion assistance to those in crisis. Emergency calls can be made anonymously. Crisis workers and trained staffs are available on the phone at 27 emergency services throughout Finland.

The Finnish-language Crisis Phone is available on weekdays from 09.00 to 07.00, on weekends and on holidays 15.00-07.00. In addition to Finnish, the emergency phone is available in Swedish, Arabic and English.

In English: 09 2525 0111

Swedish and English: 09 2525 0112

Arabic and English: 09 2525 0113

You can find more detailed opening hours and other information on the website of the Finnish Mental Health Association.


  • Women’s Line

Women’s Line is a counseling and support service for women and girls who have experienced or threatened violence and their loved ones. Women’s Line listens, supports and provides information on violence and how to deal with it.

The line is open Mon-Fri from 4pm to 8pm and Sat-Sun from 12am to 4pm. The work is funded by the Slot Machine Association.

Tel. 0800 02400.

For more information, visit the Women’s Line website.


Chat Services:

  • Women’s Line

The Women’s Line is aimed at women of all ages who have experienced violence or who are concerned about violence. You can call or connect over the network. You will be answered by volunteer women who are trained to support you. Everything is confidential.

Visit the Women’s Line website from here.


  • Netari-chat

Netari is Finland’s most popular online youth house. Netari employs youth workers from eight municipalities: Vantaa, Espoo, Kerava, Lappeenranta, Oulu, Kuopio, Seinäjoki and Pori. You can talk with the workers about anything, including serious and nasty stuff, in confidence. Chat between the two is possible in Netari chat from Sunday to Thursday from 6pm to 9pm.


  • Shadow World

The Shadow World is a place for anyone who has concerns about drinking or other substance abuse. The shadow world offers information as well as it is led by professionals. Everything is confidential.

More information can be found on Shadow World’s website.


  • Chat for MLL’s children and youth

In MLL’s Kids & Youth Chat, you can chat confidentially and anonymously with a volunteer on duty on any subject. Chat is available on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 5pm to 8pm.

Pop-up chat is sometimes on call at Youth Attendance. There are no specific times for pop-up chat.


  • Nyyti ry’s group chat

In Nyyti Group Chat, you can exchange ideas and experiences about different things that affect your life. Group chats are peer-to-peer discussion places. Chats are held at least every other week on pre-defined topics. Chat also includes employees.

You can find chats on Nyyti’swebsite.



Free and confidential gaming services are available over the phone and online. The services are available all over Finland for gamers, relatives and those with problems at work.

Go to Peluuri when gaming become an addiction and you are looking for a professional and supportive guidence. There is also peer support, self-help tools, and tips and controls for gaming. The gaming chat is open Mon-Fri 12-18 pm and Tue-Thu 12-15 pm.

Chat and other Game Services can be found here.


  • Ask about money- chat

The Guarantee Foundation’s Ask for Money advisory chat room offers young people the opportunity to discuss financial matters with adults. Chat is anonymous and confidential. The discussions are one-on-one and questions will be answered by a member of the Guarantee Foundation. The service is free of charge.

See opening hours on chat. The chat can be accessed from the Guarantee Foundation website.


  • Youth Exit Chat

You can contact Youth Exit if you need advice and support in situations of sexual abuse or gratuitous sex. Youth Exit’s anonymous and one-on-one chat is open Wednesdays from 4pm to 6pm. More information can be found on Youth Exit website.


  • Help.some mobile app

Help.some is a mobile app that can help you with things like bullying and harassment, sexual harassment and abuse issues, other criminal investigations, and crime victims.

In chat you have the opportunity to chat with an educated adult. Experts from the Save the Children Association, the Helsinki Online Police and Crime Victim Emergency Services and trained volunteers, reliable adults, are on call.


More information can be found on the Save the Children Association website.