How to read media?

It is possible to find the answer to almost any question on the web nowadays. Finding the right information requires skills and ability to use the web properly. Even though the information is online, it may not be reliable. Wikipedia, which provides lot of information about many things and is used widely, is not enough to be the only source of information. There are not any expertise of the article writer in Wikipedia as anyone can write and edit in Wikipedia.

When you search information online, the right search term and search settings are important. They are used to narrow down the subject area. You can select the language in which you want to find the search results. Many search engines allow you to narrow and refine your search to include images or videos. If you feel that your search term does not match, try synonyms for the word, add a suitable verb after the word, or search for the word in another language.

You will get hundreds of results or matches for one search. You have to search for the right information because anyone can post information about the subject to the web. In this case, the source to the information becomes critically important. The page may look authentic and official, but if there is no guarantee as to its author or the correctness of the information, consider moving to the next one. The information you seek from internet has to be accurate and updated. If the information comes from, for example, educational or official use, it must always come from a reliable source.

There are many ways to evaluate the reliability of websites. Is the site written in good language? Who maintains the site and why? Is the website hosted by an official, expert or just some hobbyist? Is the content impartial or does the site try to influence opinions? Sometimes a website that looks very trustworthy can turn out to be a scam. So try to find the same information from at least three different sources and compare them. Choose the one which is trustworthy.

Be sure to check the timeliness of the information. It is good idea to abstract the updated information. Sometimes, the site may have been useful and relevant, but if it has not updated its information for long time, the information might have expired or changed. Many pages are marked with the date of last update and choose the latest information if possible.

If you are looking for information for your school project, remember to mention the source of author. It is good idea to save the used web page in your bookmark. The content of many pages changes rapidly and many sites disappear out of blue. Check same web-page after some days to be sure if the information have stayed same or not. It gives more credibility to your work.

At its best, the web is a useful tool. If used wisely, it makes our life easier. Misuse of it may cause problems, better use it wisely.

Tips for information retrieval can be found from Finnish Library Services.