Nuorten tieto-ja neuvontapalvelu


Moving to your first home is a big step of being independent. Owning a home brings a lot of responsibilities as well: it has to be taken care of and rent has to be paid on time. Payment of rent is not the only thing to consider; water, electricity and internet bills are usually left to be paid by the tenants. Wallet might get thinner as you need to buy many accessories and stuffs to make your first home nice. It is good to know that the guarantee you pay to the landlord while renting the apartment will be refunded upon your departure if the apartment is in good condition. If the tenant has caused problems which needed to be renovated, the amount will be deducted from the guarantee. However, minor problems are not considered so serious. The guarantee amount should not exceed more than three months’ rent of the apartment.

It is a good idea to look for an apartment well in advance. The more criteria you set, the harder it might be to find the right apartment. The cost of rent depends on many factors, such as location, size, furnishing and the condition of the apartment. If you want to live in a well- maintained studio apartment with a sauna in the heart of the city, you should be prepared to set your rental amount higher than of apartments which are far away from the city. Click here to know more about renting in Vaasa.

There are plenty of rental apartments available in Vaasa but they have very strong demand as well, especially at the start of school. You can search apartment for yourself by notifying in newspapers and bulletin boards of school, surfing the web page and contacting the housing companies as well. Students can also apply for student housing. VOAS (Vaasan opiskelija asunto säätiö) provides student housing for students living in Vaasa and you can contact them as well.

Your home is a place where nobody can come without your permission- not even the landlord. Neighbors should be considered and your action should not disturb them and vice versa. If any equipment breaks down or does not work, you must inform the landlord immediately. In some case, the landlord may require you to purchase home insurance. If living alone doesn’t seem like a good idea, you can have roommate or live in a communal housing. If you have enough capital, it is also possible to buy your own apartment.

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