Nuorten tieto-ja neuvontapalvelu


The majority of Finnish young people continue their studies after completing their compulsory education. Post-primary education not only equips you for the future, but also helps to find new friends and experiences as well as networking relationships. Studying at various educational institutions ensures that everyone can find right track in their life.

Studying does not have to be just reading books and sitting in class. You could make it interesting and motivating. Various youth workshops or apprenticeships provide hands-on experience and professional skills. Daily routines and meaningful work will help you stay on track.

In order to study well and make progress, students must take care of themselves and should be motivated to study and do good things in life.

It is often possible to go abroad as part of your studies. Studying in a foreign culture with unknown people will broaden your worldview, improve your language skills, and give you international connections that can later be useful in your working life. Whether it is an exchange student year or just a couple of weeks of language course, it will certainly become memorable fair.

It is good to apply many training/ education through joint application. Click here to apply for studies:

If you could not get to the school of your priority at first attempt, you could raise your grade in tenth grade and could apply again. On the other hand, you could also join vocational school where they teach you in a practical method. Remember that there are plenty of opportunities, just grab them!

The Youth Guarantee, which came into effect in early 2013, offers every newcomer under the age of 25 and under 30- the education, training, workshops, or jobs within three months of registering as unemployed. The Youth Guarantee also guarantees for every student who has just completed his or her primary school. The aim is to promote youth employment. Click here for more info: