Nuorten tieto-ja neuvontapalvelu

Joint Application

Applying for a joint application is for either secondary or higher education. Secondary level means post-primary vocational education or upper secondary school. Applying for polytechnic and university is done jointly. The search is done online at the study path portal.

You can put joint application for higher and vocational education, polytechnic and university. Click here to apply!

High school and vocational education are applied in the spring joint application. You can apply for five study places at maximum. It is good to put prioritized place in first order so that you can collect extra point in the application phase.

Most of the studies are available during spring application. You can also apply during the autumn season, but there will not be so many options to choose. There are certain number of study places allocated and universities have their own criteria for decision. The application phase could be multi- tiered and may include aptitude test, entrance exams and interviews. The date for exam is announced earlier and study materials are provided to the students.

The name of qualified students will be published on the mentioned date. Admission to the study place is binding. That means you have right to study if you continue your studies and earn the minimum credit mentioned by the institute.

Studies begin on the date specified by the school. It is possible to postpone the start of studies for well-founded reasons, such as military service.

If you do not get the study place, it is better to look for other options. It is good idea to utilize the time before your next search and be ready for that time.

The joint application for both secondary education and higher education is available  here.