Nuorten tieto-ja neuvontapalvelu

Tools for Studying


Learning skill is the main tool for a student. Learning skill influences your study progress and your energy level. When you develop the skills to learn, your studies goes smoothly and you can cop the difficulties easily.

Learning skills does not just include on how to master the learning techniques, but also includes methods and strategies you use while learning, critical thinking, problem solving skills and social skills. Learning skills is developed smoothly if a student knows about study planning and time management. It is good to recognize your own strengths and weakness when it comes to learning skills.

A variety of study support services are available online.

Datero, Vaasa, is an information and communication technology center that technical information for needy people. Datero provides services for people who are 18+ years old with reading and writing difficulties.

If you have reading difficulties, you can book an appointment at Datero. They will introduce you to reading tools on your PC, tablet and smart phone, and introduce you to the features and programs that support reading and writing. They will help you to find reading and writing tools in PC, smart phone, tablets, and introduce about the features of those programs. Counseling is offered to all ages.

For support for recruitment in English, you can visit TE- services’  web page.