Without Study Place

Not everyone will admitted to the desired study places and every year, young people are left without study place. The more popular study places you apply, the more competition you have to face.

If you are not accepted to the study place you applied due to the average grade, it is possible to increase the numbers in tenth grade. The tenth grade will be reflected on your study and career choices. It will also help to create a study plan. You can apply for the study place you want with better numbers and more experience after the tenth grade.

At the end of elementary school, you may not even know where you would like to study or what career you are interested in in the future. It is then possible to apply for a professional start. It is intended young people who do not have the study place or who still don’t know, what they want to do in the future.

Institutes like Vamia organize professional studies and they are intended to clarify the plans and make them ready to apply again for professional education. One year of education makes you familiar with different fields of education, professions and working life requirements. It is usually possible for a professional starter to upgrade the primary school grades during the training.

High schools also organize startups. During the high school start, it is possible to repeat what you have learned in primary school, improve your grades in the upper secondary school, and get to know high school. Young people who applied for upper secondary school but left without a place to study can apply for the high school start.

The fourth option is youth workshops. The workshop provide the skills needed for work and study. Learning by doing under the supervision of a supervisor is safe way to gain access to an area of interest and bring regularity to your daily routine. There are about 250 workshops in Finland and around 20,000 people participate each year. Municipalities, associations and organizations run the workshops mostly. Further information can be received from the student counselor or the Employment and Economic Development Office. In Vaasa, the workshop is organized by the City of Vaasa youth services workshop Varikko.

You might be surprised for being left without a place to study even though you expected a place. However, you should always have follow-up plans as there are alternatives and it is worth exploring.

Unemployed after high school can apply free labor force training. The aim of the training is to improve the investment conditions in the labor market. It is practical and include on- the- job learning process. About half of the applicants apply for training through the Employment and Economic Development Office.