Nuorten tieto-ja neuvontapalvelu


In Kyrölä one can find a multi-functional hall with a theater stage and cozy coach corners for relaxing. Pool is a very popular game very popular and you can always find youngsters around the table. We also spend time in the living room discussing and listening to music together. Together with the 3-6 graders we prepare a snack, play games and do arts and crafts. A traditional movie night is held every month’s last Friday to both age groups.

Kyrölä is open for 3-6 graders:

  • 3.-6. Graders
    Monday 15 – 17
    Wednesday 15 – 17
    Friday 15 – 17
  • 13-17-year-olds:
    Monday 17 – 21
    Wednesday 17 – 21
    Friday 17 – 22

The active members of the youth house organize a disco to 3.-6. graders. In December youngsters take part in organizing Kyrölä’s Christmas event. The event is a place to meet other villagers, and many companies and products are introduced from the neighbouring areas.

Everyone know each other in Kyrölä and the house has an open atmosphere. New faces are more than welcome!

Contact information:

Address: Vähänkyröntie 47, 66500 Vähäkyrö

Phone: Helena Väänänen, 050 302 9153