Inspiration for a new hobby to start

Would you like to start a new hobby but don’t know what? Try different leisure activities with us!

Get to know futsal, Tuesday 3.10 at 15-16, Onkilahti unified school (v-side)
For 14–29 year olds. Would you like to play futsal, but you don’t have a team? Come with us to a relaxed gaming group in Onkilahti! If you want, you can continue in the group that meets every Tuesday. Register:

Music and band activities, Thursday 5.10 at 5 p.m., Rockschool
For 13–17 year olds. Did you know that Youth Services has a Rockschool, where 13-17 year olds get both private and band lessons cheaply? If you are interested music, come and get to know the activities of Rockschool! During the familiarization visit you have the opportunity to try the basics of guitar, bass or drums. You can register to the Rockschool all year round, so afterwards you have the opportunity to apply. Register:

Card and board games, Wed 11.10 at 15, Café Kultsa
For 13–29 year olds.
Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the cafe while you challenge us for example, to Uno matches! A surprise prize for the winners.

Overalls in good shape! Sewing day, Thursday 12.10 at 3-7pm, Café Kultsa
For 13–29 year olds. Come and sew your badge or, for example, a broken garment – we are helping! We provide threads and needles.

What is Finstones? Wed 18.10 at 15-18, Café Kultsa
For 13-29 year olds. A hobby that combines nature and creativity! FinStones is like geocaching, where different stones are painted and hidden in nature. Other FinStones enthusiasts look for stones and report their finds through the Facebook group. Come and find out – we paint and hide the stones together.

The youth museum team, Thu 19.10 from 15-17, Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art
For 13–29 year olds. Are you interested in culture? Join the Youth museum team! We rotate Kuntsi’s exhibition together and we will discuss how the museum could be made more youthful looking. If you want, you can join the group that meets once a month. As a member of the museum team, you get free access to the city’s museums. Register:

Open Stage, Wed 25.10 at 18-21, Café Kultsa
For 13–29 year olds. Are you a musician, comedian or other performer? Would you like to go on stage, but do you want to start with a small audience to test how the performance feels? Report yourself or your band as an Open Stage performer, or come and see other performers! Register as a performer:

Unleashing creativity by painting, Thu 26.10 at 15-16, Café Kultsa
For 13–29 year olds. When was the last time you painted something? Let’s try something different painting techniques and create our own works of art. If you wish, you can leave your own work on display at Café Kultsa to an art exhibition.

Café Kultsa is next to Reimari (in Raastuvankatu 30, 2. floor).