Finnish citizenship can be obtained by birth, declaration or application. The Immigration Service decides about the citizenship issues.

Citizenship confers rights and obligations. A Finnish citizen comes forward by defending the country and recognizing Finnish law both at home and abroad. As far as rights are concerned, freedom of expression, the right to vote and the right to live in a community of their choice are exercised.

In Finland, the right and interests of children and teenagers are monitored by their own representatives. Finland is committed to recognize principles of UN related to children’s rights. Finnish youths therefore, are entitled to be 18 years old without fear of violence or exploitation. It also includes right to go to school/ universities and right to get health care services.

Young people gain more rights as they grow older. Age limits are set primarily to protect young people for example, from buying tobacco products, watching movies, computer games, sexual activities and driving moppet.

Right to vote also comes up while ageing and is one of the most important right in our life, they say. It is very good opportunity to influence thing and change the society. Even you may think that your one vote has no effect, small things make big impact. Every smallest choices of life matters, even where you fuel your car, what chocolate you eat or which brand clothes you wear. By exercising the right to vote, it is possible to address a legislative initiative of your choice in the parliament.

Finns are not only citizen of Finland but also citizens of the European Union. It is marked by a red passport, similar to every EU citizen. After EU membership, we have the opportunity to study, travel or work in an EU country flexibly.


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