Relationship and Social Life

Relationship is one of the important pillar of life. Everyone should have at least one trustworthy person to share their feeling with. It can be best friend, sister, brother or even grandmother. Sharing your problem to your dear one helps to find a solution and it relieves you from being depressed and sad.

If there are no friends and no one can talk to, solitude must be found. A new hobby, a pet or even volunteering can be ways to relieve loneliness. Most important, make new friends. Online services also help to find new friends.

Socializing is part of youth’s life. However, socializing is not worth just because everyone else seems to be socializing. When the time for socializing comes, it is important to keep going at your own pace. The sex life should not be started just because other person wants it. In a balanced relationship, decisions are made together and both of the person should respect each other’s decision. In that way, relationship becomes stronger and it seems good.

Family is also one of the strong source of support. If relationships are not always in order or you are having tough time, it is good to share with your family member. After all, they care you!

A safe family community also provides a model for other later-age relationships. It is very important to have self- esteem within yourself. When you have bad relationship or some problems in life, self- esteem helps to resist those problems.