The main pillar of health and well-being is going according to a good routine. It includes enough sleep, balanced diet, good relationship with others and doing meaningful work. A healthy person spreads positive vibes around the society.


Personal Relationship

Good relationship with people is the supporting strength of life.  Everyone has at least one trustworthy person to share their feeling with. It can be your best friend, sister, brother or even grandmother. Its worth of sharing your problems to people you trust and seek help from them when it bothers you and depresses you.


Healthy Lifestyle

It is very important to take care of own mind and body. The main pillar of healthy lifestyles are sports, balanced diet, adequate sleep and meaningful action.

Healthy lifestyles should be adopted from small age. For example, if a person gets balanced diet from small age, it will be easier to follow same routine later in adolescence.  Same thing applies in sports. Practicing sports from small age continues naturally in adulthood also. Having said that, it is never too late to start!



The most important thing about a diet is that it should be consumed properly- not too much or too little – and should contain enough different nutrients such as vitamins, fiber and protein. Vegetables are part of a healthy food circle and should be consumed a lot. Taste develops through experimentation. Ready meals are okay to consume occasionally when you are in hurry, but it is not worth of making a daily habit. Food prepared at home is fresh, nutritious, you know what it contains and more thing, it is CHEAPER!

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Hygiene means taking care of your own cleanliness. A clean and hygienic person is more preferable to others. It is a daily activity to take care of your cleanliness. Hygienic activity includes oral care, body washing, taking care of skin, hair and nails.



The need of sleep differs from person to person. On average, a person should sleep about eight hours a day. Inadequate sleep makes it difficult for a person to learn new things and it also hampers the physical and mental growth. It also affects the person’s mood. They might gain overweight because they tend to choose ready meal over homemade meal as they are too tired to prepare meal themselves due to lack of adequate sleep. Sleep increases resistivity and helps to recover from illness. Many Finns also suffer from sleep problems. It is good to seek help ASAP if you are having trouble with sleeping. It can be doing by checking the circadian rhythm, reducing drinking lot of coffee or energy drink during the day, making bedroom peaceful, dark and cool enough. Also, it is worth considering if your evening routine disturbs your sleep. For more information about insomnia, visit the webpage of Nyyti.