Mental Health

According to the WHO definition (2013), mental health is a state of well-being where one is able to see one’s own abilities and cope with life’s challenges, and to work and participate in the activities of his or her community (source: Finnish Mental Health Association).

Developing mental health skills is rewarding!

Mental health is a difficult concept for many and it is often associated with negative things. However, it is as easy a concept as health. We each have a body and a mind, and we should take care of both of them.

Healthy lifestyles and good self-esteem promote mental health. Good relationships, the ability to talk about mind-boggling things, meaningful hobbies and adapting to new situations are protective measures that support mental health and increase the joy of life.

Everyone is distressed and depressed sometimes. It is not always fun and things seem to fall over. Such feelings are part of everyone’s life. There are many different ways to maintain good spirits and prevent depression. However, if the feelings of depression and anxiety are prolonged and your own help is inadequate, you should find out more precisely why. Don’t be left alone – help is available!

Mental health disorders limit daily functioning. At worst, they exclude a person from their home and from outside social relationships. Mental disorders include anxiety disorders, eating disorders and mood disorders. Problems usually arise over a long period of time and can be caused by a variety of events: losing a loved one, pressure on success or appearance, being bullied, feeling insecure, other unpleasant experiences, or health problems.

There is a lot of information on mental health on the internet and many services too! Check out the website of the Finnish Mental Health Association.