Many start to work from summer jobs and some of them continue as a part time job during their studies. It is very useful to work because you will get precious experience as well as some money. Work is regulated by Occupational Safety and Health Act, which defines the duties for minors.

Working as a minor:

A 14 year old can work temporarily and the maximum length is half of the school holiday period.  The work must be light and should not risk their physical and mental development.  The maximum length of working hours a day should not exceed 7 hours. Overtime and night shifts are not allowed.

Persons under 14 years old cannot be employed.  It is however possible to earn some pocket money, for example by mowing the lawn or taking pets out for a walk. They could also perform and assist temporarily in artistic and cultural events with the permission of the regional government.

A 15- years old can have permanent contract and the length of working period can be as same as of an adult. The condition is that the compulsory education has been completed.

Persons under the age of 18 must not be engaged in particular harmful work. They should not be assigned with the work which causes lots of stress or great deal of responsibility.  There are certain jobs which can be done under the supervision of a skilled person but it has to be related to the education of that young person.

It is good idea to check the Occupational Safety’s webpage about worker’s right and duties before starting an employment relationship. You can find many information such as binding a contract and its termination, occupational diseases, occupational safety and many other important issues. In addition, the page also provides instructions to solve problems.


Right and Duties in Working Life

The employee also has rights and duties in their working life. Worker’s rights are protected by law or collective agreement. Legislation and contracts also define the employee’s responsibilities. Click here to know more:

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