Military Service

The invitations are held annually in August-December. They concern male Finnish citizens who, during the year in question, meet 18 years. In addition, the invitations shall be subject to re-examination to participants who are under 30 years old and have not received previous invitations. The regional offices of the Armed Forces are responsible for implementing the invitations. The invitations shall determine the eligibility for the service. Women can also participate in the military service but it is voluntary for them. (Source: Defense Forces)

The military service lasts 165.255 or 347 days. The civil service is currently 347 days long. Once the service is over, the conscript will transfer to the reserve.

In the Vaasa area, your invitations are handled and answered by:

Ostrobothnia Regional Office

Wolffintie 35
PL 22, 65101 Vaasa
Phone Number: (customer service) 0299 486 190, (exchange board) 0299 800