Services from internet:

A-Clinic Foundation

Nationwide treatment services for those who are addicted with intoxicants and their family.


Doping Link

Doping Link is a medical expertise information and contains advisory service on doping substances. The aim of the service is to reduce the harm caused by the use of doping substances and to educate the youth about their effects. The service is provided by the A-Clinic Foundation and is being developed in cooperation with the Finnish Anti-Doping Agency and the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).



The EHYT Association works throughout the country to promote healthy lifestyles. In addition to alcohol, tobacco and drug prevention, the EHYT Association also works to prevent addiction in gaming  and promote traffic abstinence.



Pelirajat’on (Game limit) helps those with game problems with peer support. It is easy to contact them. They can share their own experiences and you could get support from peers. The groups are confidential and the confidentiality rule is respected. In addition, they are free of charge for participants.



Peluuri helps when gambling has become a problem. It is a nationwide and free service package for gamers, their relatives and those who suffer from gambling at work. The staff from Peluri helps online and over the phone.


Addiction Link

Addiction link is a full-service website about substance abuse and other addictions (gambling, abusive use, sex). Peer-to-peer discussions, advice, self-help, and tests are available here. The service is provided by the A Clinic Foundation.


Substance Abuse Helpline

The substance abuse counseling service is provided with a toll-free substance abuse counseling line (tel. 0800 900 45), which is available 24/7. The subject of the call may be, for example, personal or intimate use of intoxicants. The conversation is conducted anonymously and confidentially with the substance abuse professional on the phone. Click here for more info.

You can get information on the effects of smoking so that you can quit it easily. The site provides practical tips on quitting smoking, as well as information on withdrawal symptoms and replacement products. You can also learn more about the common beliefs that come with smoking and test yourself as a smoker. The portal is maintained by Hengitysliito.