Employment relationship

Employment relationships starts when employer and employee make work contract mentioning the duties of employee. The work is done under the management and supervision of the employer and the salary is paid in time.

The employment relationship is based on the laws and collective agreements. Both employers and employees have rights and obligations during the duration of work as well as at the end of the employment relationship.

Employment Contract:

The work contract should be always drafted in written form. Small agreement can be done orally.  Depending upon the nature of work, sometimes a trial period of maximum period of 4 months could preceded by work. But if the duration of work is less than eight months, trial period shall not exceed half of that period. The contract could be dismantled for reasons of will of either party during the trial period. During the employment contract, issues like salary, duration of work and place of work are agreed.


The employee has right to get compensation and payment of salary is the employer’s main obligation.  The salary must be paid according to the contract at agreed pay date and the employee must receive the salary slip.

Work certificate:

The employee has right to get work certificate from the employer when the employment relationship ends. You cannot mention your work experience on your resume without a work certificate!